Electric Bass Guitar is a very simple instrument to get started on, but it can go such a long way. You can learn the basics fast, and get to the point of playing jazz, soul, funk and reggae reasonably quickly. Then, opportunities abound. Did you know that bass players are more in demand than guitar players in professional circles? A good bassist needs to have great ears, solid timing, understanding of many rhythmic genres and the ability to adapt and learn music quickly.

We believe bass to be one of the most challenging, exciting, and rewarding instruments someone can learn. The world of bass is vast, and I would love to help you jump right in!

We can help you to -

Play simple and more complicated tunes. 
Read bass music.
Learn different rhythmic patterns for various musical styles.
Understand how to play arpeggios and chords on a bass to make your bass parts more musical and interesting.

Check out this video of Jason tutoring Arthur on Bass with his band Bird on a Wire.

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