Syamel Shahrir I just want to take some time to express how much I enjoyed being in your class. You truly are a standout teacher because of your sheer dedication to your students. You are my first guitar and music teacher and I’m truly grateful for that. Especially when teaching music you always made sure that I understood the material, since you knew it was my weakest subject. Without you, I never would have been able to improve and become the person I am today. Being able to count on you for extra help was really special to me and shows me how much you care about the happiness and success of your students. I will never forget all the fun activities you include in your class and especially encouraging me to be creative and not bogged down to a certain technique. I will always remember how you relate the lessons to real-life examples that would allow the material to make logical sense to me and always give me something to relate the lessons to. I will definitely keep that for the rest of my life. Thank you for all the knowledge you have passed on to me and always going the extra mile as a teacher. I appreciate it more than you will ever know.


Hamish Bohny

"When I started going to Jason I was struggling with power chords. With his guidance I was able to master not only the power chords, but also to rip through scales and finger pick my way all over the guitar! I wouldn't be nearly as confident as I am now without his teachings. At any stage of learning, Jason will take you to the next level".





Michael Wills

"After a few years of mucking around on the guitar without much progress, Jason has really kicked things into gear for me. I have had lessons in group sessions and one on one, and this mix has added a lot to my enjoyment of learning guitar/music. Jason is happy to tailor the lessons based on what you want to do, but will also structure lessons to keep it interesting. Music theory is always relevant to the music we're playing, and his knowledge is vast. I highly recommend Jason to anyone getting started, or if you simply aren't making the progress you want to, he'll get you grooving. "


Anita Dekker (mum) for Sandra

Hi Jason, I just wanted to say thank you so much for teaching Sandra bass.
After her session with you yesterday she was all buzzy.
She said she had learnt so much.It all made sense. Thanks! See you next thursday.






Karl Mooyman

Jason is an awesome teacher! It was great having a say in what we would do in the lesson, which meant I was able to improve in weak areas like jazz, reggae and music theory. I am a much more confident bassist, and his help when I was auditioning for Whitireia is the reason I am studying music there now. Thanks Jason!







Ian Moore

Jason is a great guitar teacher with lots of talent and skill and could teach anyone anything they wanted to learn to do with guitar. He's very good at listening and playing by ear when wanting to learn a song and can find the easiest, most convenient way to play them. I would definitely suggest him to anyone who wants to pick up an instrument such as guitar, bass or drums!

Jim Kaye

Jason is a superb teacher and has got a lot to offer - thanks for the great lessons and keep it up! :)


Daniel Moore

“After playing guitar recreationally for a few years, I decided it was time to get to grips with scales and patterns to help me more fully understand guitar theory. Jason is a patient and effective teacher, who made learning something as potentially difficult as scales, plain sailing. I felt myself progressing quickly in a short amount of time which was exactly what I wanted. Top bloke!”


Mathew Arand

Friendly and helpful guitar teacher who teaches a range of different styles and genres. Learning was good value and a really enjoyable experience. 10/10

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