Whether you want to be a rock star, jazz king, or funk messiah - or just play acoustic guitar for your own enjoyment, we can help you to -

Improve faster through a structured approach.
Start simple and work towards your goals.
Figure out chords to your favourite songs by ear.
Learn how to strum and play fingerstyle.
Understand and read music notation. And even write it.
Improve your rhythm skills.
Write your own songs and arrange them.
Discover the relationships between chords and how more complicated chords work. 
Understand scales and arpeggios, and use them in real-world musical examples.
Simplify difficult musical terminology - get to grips with "modes", "Intervals", and "counterpoint".
Learn how to maintain your acoustic or electric guitar.
Learn about gear - amps, pedals, PA systems, everything you need to play live

We also teach you how to play in many styles including pop, funk, jazz, reggae, classical and rock.

Check out a video of Ian practicing Jazz swing rhythms and Mike enjoying group lessons with his friends.

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